May 26, 2018


Mission: To provide a destination for the transitioning of the youth in the church into adulthood, with the view to bringing them together and actively engaging them in parish activities


Vision: To develop STHEYA into an Archdiocesan society in the Catholic Church to promote the spiritual and social development of its members and ultimately for the benefit of the mother church.


STHEYA is an adult youth group which aims at grouping the youth who are 23 years and above, that is to say, graduates of Tertiary institutions and the young working class, who do not fit into Catholic Students’ Union (CASU).


The formation of the society was prompted by our past priests (Rev. Fr. Thornton of blessed memory and Rev. Fr. Gabriel Otoo) with the blessing and endorsement of the then PPC, some 25 years ago.


The youth forms an active part of the Parish, but mostly we come to church only on Sundays and that is all there is to it. In our quest to help enhance and transform the image of the Parish it became relevant to help the Parish grow stronger both spiritually and socially. We do exist as a happy family which is better than the individual existence.


Stheya is there to help our Parish, our parents and younger brothers and sisters.


We strongly believe that, there is a lot to be done. This group of youth forms the highest percentage of the church, yet to put it slightly, not more than 5% can proudly tell you why the Rosary is said, and the graces one can gain or obtain from saying the Rosary daily.


Also, Stheya is strategically placed  to enhance the growth of the church by harnessing and tapping into the numerous professionals, who cut across all fields of endeavour, namely, medical doctors and specialists, nurses, educationists, financial executives, transporters, insurance experts,  engineers (electrical, electronic, computer, agro-chemical, civil), building technologists and consultants, actuaries, graphic advertisers and printers, accountants and auditors, merchandizers, human resource consultants, pharmacists, security officers, road contractors, legal consultants, heads of public institutions, etc.


Our modest contribution to the church are the support we give to our Seminarians, the occasional visits to the convents on statutory holidays, our prayer meetings on statutory holidays where we pray for the Universal church and our Wednesday noon prayers for the church and our members. We also support the youth groups that approach us. We also mentor and upgrade ourselves by organizing quarterly talks at our meetings on health, financial management, communication skills, budgeting and any other areas of interest.

Our membership is approximately 155, but 80 active members locating in Ghana.


The current executive who have steered the affairs of the society from 2014-15 and are in the second term of 2016-2017 tenure are:


Onua Joseph Poku                       –         President

Onua Richard Sarkodie                –         Vice President

Onua Thonnhy Oduro                 –         Secretary

Onua Elfrida Manteau                 –         Asst. Secretary/PYC Rep.

Onua Victor E.  Sallah                  –         Financial Secretary

Onua Majorie Amenlemah          –         Treasurer

Onua Godfred Owusu Jr.             –         Organising Secretary

Onua Eunice Ankamah                –         Welfare Secretary

Onua Josephine Asamoah           –         Chaplain

Onua Jacqueline Anson               –         Co-opted member/PYC Rep