10th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Homily
June 10, 2018

10th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Homily

Passage: GENESIS 3: 9-15; PSALM 129:1-2,3-4,5-6,7-8; 2 CORINTHIANS 4:13-5:1; MARK 3:20-35
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In our gospel reading for today, Jesus returns home and He together with His Disciples are encountered by the crowd, the Scribes and His family who thought He was completely out of His mind. However, the focal point of today’s gospel lies between Jesus and the Scribes. It is very interesting, the encounter between Jesus and the Scribes from Jerusalem. Being in a state of complete error, the Scribes attributed the compassionate work of Jesus, to heal, bind, teach and cast out demons, to the baleful work of Beelzebul. Hence concluding inaccurately that Jesus was under the influence of Beelzebul, the prince of demons.

Jesus’ reaction to the scribes subsequently indicates a logical answer that Satan will not drive out Satan and similarly, a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. The truth of the matter is that, the Scribes who were fierce opponents of Jesus, failed to see in Jesus, the Son of God, but rather consciously acclaimed him to be a prince of demon. Jesus is the one sent, promised by God the Father, to liberate, restore and show mercy to the descendants of Adam and Eve who fall prey to Satan constantly. Hence, damaging their relationship with God. We Christians have to battle with sin, evil and the devil, as well as the daily struggle to holiness of life. It is in Jesus, the son of God not the prince of demon can we only overcome these obstacles. Jesus is the promised one prefigured in the seed of a woman who will trash the head of the demonic, Satan and all his empty promises. He is also and the redeemer, who will restore us to our original state of relationship with God spoken off by St. Paul in today’s second reading as being raised with Jesus Christ into his presence. An indication of his constant grace and help for us, to live in Him.

Our ability to overcome the challenges of sin and evil in a complex world marked by secularism, indifferentism corruption among others lie chiefly in our faith in Christ, and the workings of the Holy Spirit. These workings are made visible in the ministry of Christ in the Church. Hence to attribute these wonderful signs and ministry of Jesus and the Church in her quest to restore the children of God and the world to God will be a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, that which the Scribes suffered from. This act would be an eternal sin which cannot be forgiven simply because, one fails to accept the mercy of God offered in and through the Holy Spirit.

May we approach Jesus, the Son of God, in all humility so that with him we may have redemption springing forth from his infinite mercy, to be healed and restored. By acknowledging his power for us we shall inherit eternal life.


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