Restoration_count0Are you planning on getting closer to the Holy Throne with a pure heart and mind this year,  yet struggling to do so?  Do you will that Jesus be the stronghold of your life? Wondering where to be?  Easy! Join the RESTORATION train this year for an exciting and inspirational experience. RESTORATION seeks to awaken the call to renew our individual faith and the faith of the church in general,  re-enact the love commaded by Christ,  find mercy and favour from our heavenly Father and to portray lives that are influenced by the Holy Spirit.  Did you miss last year’s RESTORATION and its gifts and testimonies?  There’s a special recall this year too. Come with an affirmed decision and an open heart to receive of the rains.  Be a testimony unto many by trusting and obeying every word that the Lord speaks to you. Play an active part in this spiritual exercise and test the heavens.

Fellowship with the assembly of the faithful from 27th to 29th of January, 2016 at 6pm each day at the St Theresa’s Catholic Church,  Awudome roundabout as you listen to sermons on “Good works” and how to nurture them, delivered by Rev. Fr. Isaac Frimpong (Franciscan Valley of Solitude, Saltpond).

Resolve to come,  meet Jesus and desire to sit at His feet.