Very Rev. Fr. Johannes Mintah-Mensah, the parish priest of the St. Theresa’s parish has said. “Leaders are servants, so you cannot claim to want to lead if you do so in violence. Whatever we do must be targeted at promoting peace and bringing people together”

As part of her Golden Jubilee celebrations, the St. Theresa’s Catholic Church at Kaneshie embarked on a Float and Health walk on January, 2 2016.

The main purpose of this walk was to create awareness of her 50th anniversary, evangelize and keep fit while proclaiming the goodness of the Lord amid singing and dancing.

The float started on the church’s premise at the Awudome roundabout through Abossey Okai, Kaneshie, Darkuman and Bubuashie distributing flyers and carrying placards. Some of the placards read; Jesus heals the sick, heaven is real, Jesus is awesome among others.

The yearlong celebrations continue with fun games, pilgrimages, Valentine’s Day dinner and many more do not be a drop out.