Our Beloved in Christ,

I would like to employ this medium to appeal to you, on behalf of the entire Pedu Seminary Community, for funds to help in the purchase of a bus for the seminary. The seminary, the house of formation for future priests, has a number of challenges to grapple with. Currently, one that has attracted much attention is the need for a new bus for the seminary.

It is sad to notice that our old bus acquired over 20years ago, that conveys foodstuffs from the market for the seminary is also the one that transports the seminarians to various places during official programmes outside the seminary. This multi-purpose usage of the bus, it is feared, would lead to it getting into a more deplorable state in no time, as signs have already started showing up.

To curtail this problem, the seminary has, for the past two years set aside the amount realized from the sale of “Pedu Today” Magazine for this noble cause. Some benevolent Catholics have also made some contributions in this regard. So far, we have been able to accumulate an amount of GH¢25,000 and we intend to buy a Benz bus which would cost about $ 147,000.00.

As we seek your assistance we seek your help to purchase a new bus we acknowledge that no amount would be too little to support this project. We have always trusted your generosity; therefore, it is our hope that you would come to our aid.

May the Gracious and Good Lord bless you in all your endeavours, and replenish whatever you lose because of this noble cause.

Thank you. Wishing you a grace-filled year, I remain,

Yours faithfully,

Msgr. Matthew Edusei, Rector
Rev. Hillary Agbenosi, SRC President
Eric Asare Boateng, SRC Secretary