St Theresa’s mini basilica was set ‘ablaze’ by the Holy Spirit as many more children of God drew themselves close to the Lord, to spend quality time listening to Him through his anointed apostle and to tap from the bountiful grace of the Almighty. It was another night of glorious manifestation on the soils of Awudome, after the first day’s powerful encounter. The program started at exactly 6pm with rosary prayers, after which the melodious Harp of David music ministry blessed the congregation with powerful songs of praise and worship. The man of God took to the podium amidst a thunderous applause from an expectant congregation. Still speaking on the theme, “…THAT THEY MAY SEE YOUR GOOD WORKS”- Matthew 5:16, Rev Fr Frimpong did a sequel to Day 1’s message, ‘You were created to do good works’.

The exhortation for Day 2 was captioned, ‘Let your good works be seen’. He went on to enumerate acts, which according to the Holy Church, are the good works that the Lord requires of us because from creation He has instilled goodness in us.

  1. Instructing the ignorant was one of the several acts of good work we are obliged to perform as Christians. The Lord admonishes us not condemn brethren who were lost but rather, it is our responsibility to bring them closer to Christ.
  2. Praying for the living and the dead is another act of good work expected of every good christian. Apostle Paul entreats us to pray for one another.
  3. It is every christian’s duty to feed the hungry, especially as we approach Lent. Rev Frimpong implored the congregation not to give up on this noble act, even as we find ourselves in an economically challenging world.
  4. We must quench the thirst in others. Many yearn for God’s Word and we are obliged, through our good works, to quench the earnest thirst that makes life comfortable for those children of God who need it most.
  5. We must comfort the discouraged and the sorrowful. According to the speaker, we must always reassure the hopeless that there is still light at the end of the tunnel. We should be there to console one another in grief (Romans 5:5).
  6. Clothing the naked is an essential act which pleases God. It was understood that God blesses us so that we also, will bless others. When He bestows on us good things, it is not ours to ‘sit on’ but to let it out that others may benefit from us.
  7. Fr Frimpong asserted that visiting the sick and the imprisoned, encouraging them that they are still God’s children and have brethren who have them at heart lightens the thought of rejection is also one act of good work Holy Church obliges us to do in this Jubilee Year of Mercy.
  8. Another good work required of us is to forgive one another our faults. There is no need retaliating the wrong others commit against us no matter how intense their faults hurt us. Rev Frimpong said what the Lord commanded of us was rather to show our trespassers the good in us, that they may repent of their offences. St Paul, in his first epistle to the Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 15 entreats Christians not to repay evil with evil but follow that which is good.
  9. We must provoke/ stir the good works that God has established in us and avail ourselves to be a channel of blessing for others.


The anointed man of God concluded his submission by elaborating reasons that must influence the manifestation of our good works. He explained that our good works bring life into the dead situations of other people’s life and thus, instead of waiting on someone for our blessings, we should take a bold step by rendering ourselves to be used as a channel of blessing to others. The end of the second day’s presentation left the congregation more zealous than ever to witness what the last day of Restoration 2016 had to offer.